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Collection: Plymouth Corners
Year Released Year Retired Right Now on eBay
Admiral Stevens' House200820130
All About Baby201120200
Anderson Family Grocery Store200820100
Antler Peak Cabin201420201
Aquatic School Of Swimming, Snorkeling & Scuba20201
Arline's Pie Shop200220051
Atlantic Canning Co.200120032
Barber Shoppe 199619991
Barnacle Bob's Scuba & Boat Salvage200920161
Bay Boat Works200420080
Bay View Cottage20141
Bay View Lighthouse200620105
Bessie - Tug Boat200120071
Bike, Barber & Stationery Shop20080
Bird Rock Lighthouse200420050
Blue Heron Inn20200
Brentwood Mansion 199419980
Brewster Mansion 199519992
Bridgeport Inn200820140
Brown's Dry Goods199720027
Bus Terminal200020042
Canoe Catch20151
Cape Estate200420092
Cape Hope Lighthouse201020150
Cape Margaret Lighthouse200020030
Cape Mccoy Lighthouse200120041
Captain Andrew's Residence200720150
Captain Jack's Chowder House20120
Cardiff Academy199219981
Chesterton House 199519980
Christmas Quilters200420120
City Tattoo201720190
Clam Digging20130
Cookie Exchange Party201420181
Coral Isthmus Lighthouse200120040
Craggy Point Lighthouse200020030
Crest Point Lighthouse20160
Crow's Nest Cottage20160
Deep Sea Fishing Charters Inc.200520084
Downtown District200020040
Dr. Caswell's Residence 199519991
Fish Fry With Dad20204
Fish Market, Set Of 220161
Fish Tale In The Making201420200
Fisherman's Bounty200320112
Fisherman's Cove Lighthouse200520105
Fly Fishing With Dad, Set Of 220015
Ft. Meyers Lighthouse200020041
Glacier Ice House200120042
Golden Eagle Schooner200520115
Golden Paw Resort201220203
Habour Tower20140
Hampshire School 199819991
Hangin' Around200420124
Hanson & Sons Sailmakers200620080
Happy Tails Pets & Daycare20150
Harbor Buoy20140
Harbor Gift Shop20170
Harbor Point Lighthouse200420081
Harbor View Bed & Breakfast20121
Harborview Inn 199419981
Hidden Island Lighthouse20160
High Seas Bait & Tackle20120
Hill Of Beans Coffee Shop201220160
Hobart House200420074
Holly Bay Lighthouse20145
Houseboat Celebration201420200
Jesse's Boat Supplies & Restaurant20080
Jonathan's Houseboat On The Bay20210
Kayak Building200820120
Kelvin Brothers Bagel Cafe200820100
KGEM Radio Station20130
Kingsbury House 199319980
Lancaster Manor 199519990
Land Ahoy!200420084
Landlubbers Lodge20210
Let Me See !199920129
Lifeguard Station201820190
Lighthouse Keeper200120180
Linder's Place20160
Lobster Pot200620121
Lobster Shack Lighthouse20191
Looking For Seashells20201
Lotus Rain Yoga Studio20171
Manchester House 199519980
Marie's Nail Salon20100
Mariner's Seaside Chapel200320050
Maritime & Lighthouse Museum200120043
Meter Maid20171
Morning Donuts201620180
My Turn200320073
Nautical Figurines199920122
Nemo's Deep Water Excursions200720140
North Point Lighthouse200720140
Nursery School200820120
O' Buoy! Frozen Yogurt201320150
Ocean Bay Youth Aquarium20170
Ocean Display Mat20013
Old Cape Lighthouse200520121
Old Fishermsn's House20030
Old Jetty Lighthouse200420081
Old Pier Lighthouse200020030
Oyster House Restaurant200620080
Pat's Party Place20170
Pawn Shop Treasures20172
Pearl's Ice Cream Parlor200820161
Pier Theater200620131
Pinnacle Pete's Pool Hall200620120
Plymouth Bus Station200820130
Plymouth Corners Town Hall200620081
Plymouth Cyclery20090
Plymouth Fire Station No.2200220051
Plymouth Fish Cannery200520080
Plymouth Fish Market200720130
Plymouth Maritime Academy200520082
Plymouth Welcome200820150
Plymouth Yacht Club200120061
Pond Romance20201
Quick Clean Laundromat200720152
Red-Lion Restaurant 199119983
Retail Service Center200020041
River Princess200420081
Robin's Antique Shop200820123
Rock Island Lighthouse200420082
Rocky Cape Historic Lighthouse201520161
Romantic Campfire20151
Rose's Flower Emporium200820150
Royal Coach Inn200020030
Rusty Pelican Restaurant & Market200820140
S.S. Islander200220081
Sailors Point Lighthouse200320061
Sally's Salt Water Taffy20182
Salty's Shell Shack200320081
Schooner Point Lighthouse200520122
Sea Captain Statue200820110
Sea Spray Sailing School20181
Sea-Leg Sam199920114
Seal Harbor Lighthouse200720121
Seal Point Lighthouse20096
Seaside Fish & Seafood Market20140
Seaside Shipping & Freight Co.200120042
Seawind Cottage20190
Shake Chalet201720190
She Sells Sea Shells Gift Shop20191
Shell Beach Aquarium200620131
Shell Beach Lighthouse B&b20170
Shell Cove Cottage201120160
Shep's Ship Shape Gym200620080
Shoal Bay Yacht Club200620101
Signal Point Lighthouse200120030
Skip's Surf Shop20182
Skipper's Boat Rental Shop200720140
Smuggler's Cove Lighthouse200120050
Snug Harbor Lighthouse20161
Snug Harbor Lighthouse20163
Sophie's Sweet Shop201420171
Sports Hardware201720201
Springfield Lanes200920161
St. Andrew's Church 199219981
St. Dolores Church200020030
St. Elmos Brasserie20180
St. Teresa Cathedral200020010
St. Thomas' Church199520040
Stony Cove200820141
Stony Point Lighthouse200220082
Stormy Isles Bed & Breakfast20140
Stratford School 199519990
Swordfish Point Lighthouse200620141
Tales Of The Sea200520082
Thar She Blows Whale Watching Tours W/Adapt200320080
The "Yule Tide" Yacht201620190
The Candy Lagoon20160
The Crab Shack20201
The Juice Bar20210
The Osprey Fishing Boat200720111
The Parlour Car200020053
The Retreat House 199319990
The Rusty Anchor Deep Sea Charter Fishing20210
The Schooner Museum & Shops20130
The Stalker200620144
The Story Teller199920112
The Stowaway Nautical Gift Shop200620091
The Whopper200420111
Tommy's Donuts20150
Trixie's Dog Boutique & Pet Shop20130
Two If By Sea200620080
United Church200020043
United Church200320182
V8 Service Plaza20195
Victorian House200020041
Village Fish & Ed's Butcher Shop201020150
Village Post Office200320061
Wally's Pet Wash Wagon , Set Of 320171
Washburn's Country Home 199519991
Weatherford House201320202
Whale Point Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast200720120
White Water Kayaks200820163
Wilson Residence200520081
Wind Catcher Kite Shop20090
Windy Atoll Lighthouse200020030
Windy Cape Lighthouse20163
Winter Clambake20151
Winter Welcome200420070
Wooden Lobster Pots200120154
World Wide Travel201120151

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