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Collection: Spooky Town
Year Released Year Retired Right Now on eBay
The Witch's Cauldron2004201090
The Witching Hour2013201601
The Wolf Man2009201110
The Zombie's Lair2006200800
Three Cowboys2002200630
Three Kids On Skateboards2003200600
Ticket Booth2010201410
Ticket Booth Kiosk2014201600
Tin Robotron2002200610
Tip The Tombstone2010201600
Tomb Of Sir Edgar Goodbody20022011151
Tomb Sweet Tomb201290
Tombstone Chairs, Set Of 2201320
Tombstone Pair2010201320
Tombstone Tree2013202000
Tombstones, Set Of 52004110
Tools Of The Trade2008201510
Tortured Soul2006201170
Trail Of Terror2010201400
Transylvania Transport Co2009201340
Transylvania Zoo2010202011
Treasure Hunters2010201300
Treasure Map Trouble2007201130
Treat Hunters2011201400
Tree Stump Display Platform200780
Tree Stump Display Platform200740
Tree Stump Display Platform200720
Trick Or Dog Treats2011130
Trick Or Treat Candy Shop2012201520
Trick Or Treat Container2012201430
Trick Or Treater-Eating Tree2005200870
Trick Or Treaters' Haven2004200741
Trick Or Treating Dogs, Set Of 5201570
Trick Or Treating Fun, Set Of 4201410
Trick Or Treating Trio2010201510
Trick Or Treating With Mummy And Deady Set Of 2201660
Trick-Or-Treat Grandma !2000200610
Trick-Or-Treat Train2012201511
Trick-Or-Tree House2006200830
Tricked Out Doghouse201440
Tricked-Out House201410
Troll Bridge2005200610
Trunk Or Treat Trailer2011201400
Try Me Display Box1993200900
Try Me Display Box1993200900
Try Me Display Box1993200900
Tunnel of Terror200860
Twisted Vulture Tree2014202030
Two Indians Chief2002200620
Two-Tier Display Platform200760
Two-Tier Display Platform200710
Under His Spell2008201100
Undertaker's Carriage20002014122
Vampire & Bats2007201240
Vampire And Zombie2000200840
Vampire Bat Aviary2011201900
Vampire Blood Run201640
Vampire Castle2007201530
Vampire Caverns2009202091
Vampire Condos2010201500
Vampire Hotrod2010201310
Vampire Hunter2007201370
Vampire In Casket2002200890
Vampire Slayer200940
Vampire Tree2007201330
Vampire Wakes The Undead2008201220
Vampire's Bite2008201010
Very Old Couple2005200930
Vicki's Cattery2010201640
Village Undertaker, Set Of 9201200
Vine Maple Large2001200400
Vine Maple Large2001200400
Vine Maple Medium2001200400
Vine Maple Medium2001200400
W.E. Slabbum Tombstone Quarry201200
Wait For Me2002200630
Wake The Dead2010201200
Walking Zombies, Set Of 3201571
Wanda's Wicked Cupcakes201650
Wanda's Wicked Home202010
Warlock's Workshop2012201540
Watch Your Step2008201530
Wedding Photo2013201510
Welcome To The Boneyard201790
Well Done2008201020
Well Of Souls2010201310
Werewolf Crossing Sign2010201300
Werewolf Grooming And Night Spa2012201900
Werewolf's Den2007200810
What Scares Monsters2008201010
Wicked Fast Broomsticks2011201521
Wicked Wanda2010201520
Wicked Windmill2011201511
Wild Pumpkin Ride2009201311
Wine Barrels, Set Of 2201360
Wine' Tasting2013201500
Winter Willow Extra Large2001201400
Winter Willow Large2001200410
Winter Willow Medium2001200400
Winter Willow Small2001201430
Witch & Wizard Street Lamp2009201510
Witch And Warlock Residence201880
Witch Burning200911
Witch Casts Spell2013160
Witch Lamp Post, Set Of 2201510
Witch Pumpkin Patch, Set Of 2201730
Witch Shopping202040
Witch Statue201000
Witch Tree Pumpkins2009201230
Witch's Brew Coffee202000
Witch's Hat200820
Witch's Joyride20042011111
Witch's Lair2004200980
Witch's R & R20072012191
Witches Brew Haus2009201511
Witches Bungalow201770
Witches Laundry Day2009201401
Witches Night Out202040
Witches Perch2006200840
Witches Workshop2014201600
Witches' Coven2007200
Witches' R & R2014202010
Withered Cypress Tree2010201310
Withered Mansion2014201930
Withered Oak Tree Medium2009201300
Wolf Pack2006201320
Wolf Pack2006201310
Wolfman Full Moon2010201200
Wolfman's True Love2010201100
Wrapped Up In Each Other2008201340
Yard Light - Boo! Ghost2011201310
Yer In My Sights2008201510
You Light Up My Life2008201100
You Must Be This Tall?2012201400
Young Love2010201110
Zelda's Witch & Wizard Supply201430
Zolaar The Great2010201520
Zombie Brains Foodcart, Set Of 2201510
Zombie Bride & Groom2007201120
Zombie Crossing, Set Of 2201740
Zombie Eatery201580
Zombie Fortress201651
Zombie Garden Gnomes201841
Zombie Mechanic202080
Zombie Showdown2008201100
Zombie's Cafe2006201990
Zombies, Set Of 2201271

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