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Collection: Spooky Town
Year Released Year Retired Right Now on eBay
12 Lighted Eyeball String200320066
12 Lighted Ghostie String200420070
12 Lighted Pumpkin Garland String20028
12 Lighted Pumpkin Luminary String200220091
13 Ghastly Lane20103
14 Lighted Skull String200320072
3-Foot Display Material - Spooky Town20141
3-pc Layer Spooky Landscaping0
4-Foot Display Material - Spooky Town20142
4.5v 3-output Adapter Black Fixed Eu Plug201720190
4.5v 3-output Adaptor Black Changeable Plug201720190
6 Lighted Spooky Lantern200620091
6" Maple Tree20045
8 Lighted Lantern String200420083
8 Lighted Skull String200520113
9" Maple Tree20046
9" Winter Willow200420201
A Chilling Band Of Two20205
A Little Night Music200720098
A Night Of Trick Or Treat20034
A Pirate's Life200820140
A Wolf And His Dog201320150
Abandoned Fountain20164
Abandoned House20080
Ac Power Adaptor2003200710
Ac Power Adaptor - 4.5V 700Ma (Black)200320051
Adirondack Autumn200520133
Agatha's Costume Crypt20071
Air Mail201420181
All Hallows Cathedral20162
All Hallows Hospital201020150
All Hallows Mausoleum20145
Ancient Gods200820150
Ancient Statues201020150
Angel Of Death201420193
Apparition Academy20210
Apple Harvest200420061
Are Those Trees Moving20121
Assorted Birds, Set Of 520081
Assorted Figurines200718
Autumn Mulberry Extra Large200120140
Autumn Mulberry Large200120140
Autumn Mulberry Medium200420141
Autumn Mulberry Small200120140
Autumn Oak Large200020140
Autumn Oak Medium200020140
Autumn Oak Small200020155
Autumn Rust Tree Extra Large200020141
Autumn Rust Tree Large200020140
Autumn Rust Tree Medium200020144
Autumn Rust Tree Small200020141
Back From The Dead200720113
Bad Moon Broom Rides201420163
Bad To The Bone20176
Bag O'Bones201220157
Bag Of Bones20185
Balloon Clown20137
Banshee's Boo-B-Traps20156
Bat Bath201510
Bat Fence Gate20203
Bat Lair200920131
Battle Anubis200920140
Batty For Pumpkins Tree20192
Be Careful What You Wish For200720134
Be-Witching Bike Ride20136
Best Buds Dog Supply Store20193
Big Tarantula20088
Black Castle200920161
Black Cat Adoption20144
Black Cat Halloween Decor20205
Black Cat Millinery, Set Of 220173
Black Cauldron Bootique20102
Black Cauldron Inn200220076
Black Jack's Casino, With Adaptor20090
Black Mountain Coal Mine201120160
Black Raven Manor20200
Black Raven Manor, With 4.5v Adaptor20213
Blackbeard's Ghost200720153
Blackbeard's Tattoos200720080
Blackroot's Wizard Academy20140
Blood Bath200920110
Blood Of The Vine201320181
Bloodmobile Vampire200920131
Bobble Heads200520111
Bone Appetit!200920130
Bone Arbor201413
Bone Bench201020145
Bone Bridge20178
Bone Fence2005201517
Boo Pumpkins20185
Boodini's Butcher Box201020145
Boogiemen's Hangout20063
Boolloon Seller20100
Boot Hill Undertaker200920131
Born 2 B Wicked20155
Bowser Not Helping200520070
Box-Of-Bones Coffin Factory20142
Bramble Gate20182
Bride And Monster200820110
Bridge Of Bones200721
Bring Out Your Dead201420160
Broom Dealership201120192
Broom Race201420150
Broom Rides200920131
Broomstick Manor201120134
Brothel Women200820150
Bubble Bubble200820111
Bubble, Boil & Trouble200320051
Bucaneer Poker2007201411
Buckets Of Candy20182
Bullwhip Ghoul & Gatling Gun Ghoul201020110
Bump In The Night20166
Buying A New Home20181
Caged Monster200414
Calaveras Couple20194
Candy Cruisers20202
Candy Thief201620141
Candy Thief20166
Candy Thief20164
Carlof's Costumes & Masks200720105
Carnival Of Carnage20210
Carnivorous Plants201020130
Casino Figurine20198
Cassandra's Cakery20193
Castle On Spooky Hill200220068
Cauldron Broom Holder20175
Caution Sign200820142
Cave Monster200920140
Cave Of Blood200520060
Cave Of Skulls201312
Cave Sweet Cave20150
Cemetery Capers200420077
Cemetery Gate2004200910
Cemetery Gate2004201530
Cemetery Gate20175
Cemetery Oak Tree201020130
Cemetery Tour Bus20133
Cemetery Tree Medium200920130
Chain Gang, Set Of 220143
Chainsaw's Lumber Yard20092
Checking His Horrorscope20211
Chuckle's Funhouse201320151
Claim Jumped200820111
Clumsy Witch200620134
Coffin Break20182
Coffin Cafe201420160
Coffin Maker200720134
Coffins R Us201020150
Coffins, Set Of 320077
Coffins, Set Of 3200726
Cooking Up A Ghoul20065
Corpse Torch201020162
Costume Contest200720162
Costume Fix201220151
Costume Kitties201420151
Costume Parade20031
Countdown To Halloween201120152
Cow-ghoul Lasso20184
Cowboy Gravesite200820159
Crazy Clown Conductor20191
Crazy Clown Express20194
Crazy Headstones20207
Creeping Crypt201020111
Creeps Playing Poker201120131
Creepy Balloon Seller20211
Creepy Barn200520131
Creepy Bellboy20170
Creepy Cabin20182
Creepy Camper20178
Creepy Campfire201120130
Creepy Cider Stand201320150
Creepy Clock201020141
Creepy Clock20168
Creepy Clown Academy20169
Creepy Confections20185
Creepy Corn Row200720112
Creepy Cotton Candy201120184
Creepy Crawlies Pet Sitting20172
Creepy Critters2007201511
Creepy Cruisin'200820140
Creepy Faceless Ghoul20108
Creepy Fountain200920132
Creepy Lamp Post200720131
Creepy Neighborhood House20173
Creepy Night Watchman20135
Creepy Park Bench201020151
Creepy Tree201020133
Creepy Tree Large200720132
Creepy Tree Medium200720134
Creepy's Bed & Breakfast201320190
Crescent Moon Street Lamp2004200710
Crock & Crock Hunter200320060
Crowley Hall20131
Cruel & Unusual200720141
Crump's Organic Market20121
Crypt - Beloved200520095
Crypt - Buried200520135
Crypt - Rise All Ye Dead200520095
Curious Kong201020130
Curse Of The Mummy200820110
Cursed Tomb20078
Cutest Witch200020096
Dancing Skeletons, Set Of 2200712
Dancing With The Mon-Stars20092
Danger Ahead201020130
Dark Haven Lodge200720196
Day Of The Dead20195
Day Of The Dead Parade20142
Dead Are Rising20105
Dead As A Doornail Morgue20081
Dead City Police Station201020160
Dead Cowboy Blues200920132
Dead Fraternity20171
Dead In The Water20210
Dead Man's Cabin201420195

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