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Collection: Holidays Seasons
Year Released Year Retired Right Now on eBay
12 Building Lighting System200700
12-Pc Foggy Point Lighthouse Kit2001200600
12-Pc Laurel House Kit2001200700
12-Pc St. Nicholas Church Kit2001200700
12-Pc Trudy's Confectionery Kit2001200700
12-Pc Village Law Office Kit2001200600
12-Pc Wilderness Retreat Kit2001200700
13Pc Lighted Village Set00
13Pc Lighted Village Set00
16Pc Lighted Village Set00
30Pc Village Accessories Set00
30Pc Village Accessories Set00
30Pc Village Accessories Set00
4" Street Lamp199140
4" Street Lamp20
4" Victorian Street Lamp10
4" Victorian Street Lamp20
6 Building Lighting System2007201110
7Pc Apothecary - Herbalist Set2002200600
7Pc Blossom's Flower Shop Set2002200620
7Pc Chiariello's Italian Bakery Set2002200610
7Pc Gingerbread House Set2002200600
7Pc Sandy Cove Lighthouse Set00
7Pc Sunrise Valley Church Set2002200600
Anybody Home?200890
Bicycle (Self-Stand)10
Bird Watching Family200910
Bus Stop200910
Cheese Seller2011201320
Christmas Delivery201400
Christmas Tree199920
Christmas Tree Decoration2004200800
Christmas Tree Decoration2004200600
Christmas Tree Decoration2004200800
Clearing A Path1999200610
Downhill Thrills199820
First Aid Station200900
Fruit Peddler2005201210
Gas Street Lamp2002200610
Gas Street Lamp2002200610
Gas Street Lamp2003200610
Going Steady200820
Ice Dancers199940
Ice Delivery2001200510
Laundry Day2002201410
Lighted Christmas Tree Large200700
Lighted Christmas Tree Medium200700
Merry Christmas To All200420
One-Man Band200810
Pick-Up Truck2008110
Police Precinct 132007201000
Power Adaptor 3V White 4-Output Ul/Cul2007201520
Pro Snowboarder200310
Radical Snowboarder200310
Santa's Mailbox200610
Santa's Sleigh1999200510
Ski Jumper200300
Snowboarding Fun200330
Sports Car200810
St. Michael's Church2005201210
Station Wagon200890
Tea Time2007201110
Town Crier200910
Village School199970
Water Tower2004201130
White Pine Large1997201400
White Pine Medium1997201410
Winter Cypress Tree Large2012201400
Wooden Arbor2008201110
Wooden Docks2001201220
Wooden Fence2008200910
Wooden Mooring2001200850
Wooden Mooring2001201210
Wooden Mooring2001200810
Wooden Mooring2001201110
Wooden Mooring2001201210
Woodland Retreat200900

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