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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Collection: Holidays
Year Released Year Retired Right Now on eBay
10" Frosted Maple2001200300
12 Building Lighting System2006201110
12 Days Of Christmas Manor2009201410
12" Birch Tree Pack 21998200300
12" Snow Pine2000200300
12-Foot Village Extension Cord - Ul2000200600
16" Birch Tree1998200300
1901 Medical Building2010201500
2 Ft Plastic Lite Garland1991200330
2" Shimmering Round Bristle Tree2000200300
2-Pc Straight Railway Tracks1998201210
2-Piece Curved Road Extensions2001200800
2-Piece Curved Train Tracks1998201210
2-Piece Straight Road Extensions2001200800
2.5" X 18" Pvc Pebble Road1994200300
20 Mini Light - Clear1996200540
20 Mini Light - Green1996200500
20 Mini Light - Multi1996200540
20 Mini Light - Red1996200510
20 Mini Light - Yellow1996200530
3-Piece Pack Replacement Fuse1998200600
36 Chasing Mini Light - Clear1999200500
36 Chasing Mini Light - Multi1999200520
4" Birch Tree1995200300
4" Gas Street Lamp2002200300
4" Gas Street Lamp2002200300
4" Snow Pine2000200310
4" Street Lamp1991200340
4" Victorian Street Lamp1996200330
4-3/4" X 35" Pvc Brick Road1997200300
4-3/4" X 35" Pvc Pebble Road1997200300
4-Foot Display Material1998201510
4-Foot Display Material (Cloud)1998201500
4-Foot Plastic Light Garland2003201500
4-Ft Memory Makers Poster1997200300
40 Stick-On Clips1999201520
5-Foot Tinsel Garland2000200860
6 Building Lighting System2006201110
6" Birch Tree1995200320
6" Frosted Maple2001200300
6" Glittering Fir - White2001200300
6" Mountain Ash2001200300
6" Rock Elm2001200300
6" Snow Pine2000200300
6-7" Dry Tree1992200300
7" Frosted Maple2001200300
7" Porcelain Pine Tree1995200300
8" Porcelain Pine Tree1995200300
9" Birch Tree1995200300
9" Dry Tree 25 Mini Lights1996200400
9" Glittering Fir - White2001200300
9" Mountain Ash2001200300
9" Porcelain Pine Tree1995200300
9" Rock Elm2001200300
9" Snow Pine2000200310
A Chip For Chelsea Bob2004201120
A Doe And Her Fawns2009201530
A Fox And Her Pup2009201530
A Gift For Father2004200700
A Gift For Frosty2008201430
A Good Day's Catch2004201310
A Perfect Proposal2007201100
A Sister's Mischief2005200610
A Teddy Of My Own2006201210
A Toasty Treat2014201500
Abramson Jewelers/Penelope's2005200610
Al's Diner1998200210
All 'Round The Campfire2009201100
All Saints Cathedral2005200820
All Together Now!2002201310
Along The Trail2009201310
Alpine Peak B & B2009201330
Alpine Skiing1996200300
Amanda's Dress Shoppe2009201200
American Flag Pole1996201520
An Elf Greeting2000200610
Anabel's Bed And Breakfast2005200740
Animated Tree Lot2002200930
Antique Anchor2008201030
Antique Treasures2005201000
Antler Art2006201110
Anything For Me Mr. Postman?2007201120
Around We Go2005201300
Arriving In Town2006201100
Art & Wine Festival Billboard2009201500
Ash Tree Extra Large2009201100
Ash Tree Large2009201100
Ash Tree Medium2009201100
Ashton Antiques2004201000
Aspen Pine Tree - A Large2008201200
Aspen Pine Tree - B Large2008201210
Aspen Pine Tree - C Large2008201200
Autumn Acres Farms2011201600
Autumn Chores2007201410
Autumn Display2011201300
Autumn Mulberry Medium2001200410
Autumn Oak Extra Large2000201400
Autumn Wreaths2006201310
Back At Base Lodge2002201320
Baggage Handlers2001201200
Bake Sale Fundraiser2011201300
Ball Street Lamp2004201510
Band Of Police2004200600
Bargain Hunting2005201101
Barn Birdhouse2007201420
Barsom's Furniture2009201340
Basket Of Seashells2003200710
Basket Weaving2005200700
Bass Hall2001200810
Batting Practice2010201400
Bauer's Wiener Schnitzel Haus2011201400
Bavarian Pretzel Factory2004200600
Bay Harbor Lighthouse1998200200
Beach Chairs2004201110
Beach Wagon2008201230
Beadle Bumble2009201130
Bear Cave2010201400
Bear Sculpture2004201110
Bears At Play2000201440
Bears By River2009201410
Beautiful Bonnet2005200610
Beauty Salon1998200200
Bell Ringing Fireman2005200820
Berkshire Cathedral1999200130
Berquist Ballet / Mcallister Gallery2003200500
Bethel Memorial Cathedral1994200120
Bicycle (Self-Stand)2002200300
Biding Time2007201220
Biding Time Lamp Post2003200610
Big Fish2008201210
Bird Watching Family2001200800
Birdhouse Curiosity2004201210
Bless This Child2003200510
Blow Mold Yard Light - Angel2010201100
Bob's Seaside Biker Bar2010201400
Bonnie's Pastries1998200210
Bowmeman Residence2009201200
Boy's Best Friend2007201110
Bradley Academy Of Arts2008201320
Brand New Tv1999200300
Breaktime !2002201070
Breezy Point Lighthouse2003200500
Brewster Residence2010201410
Brick Wall20022005400
Brickle Residence2010201400
Bringing Christmas Cheer1999201530
Bringing Home The Tree1999201410
Bringing The Tree Home2008201510
British Mail Box2002200300
Broken Ski1996201500
Brooker Village Blacksmith2011201500
Buckboard Wagon2005200600
Bucket Brigade2000200640
Buckeye Tree Extra Large2010201200
Buckeye Tree Large2010201200
Buckeye Tree Medium2010201200
Buggyride Courting2006201360
Building A Family2009201520
Building A Scarecrow2010201460
Building Beavers2009201300
Building Model Planes2011201500
Burk's Marina Services2002200400
Burning Leaves2011201500
Bus Stop2004201170
But I Don'T Want To Go!2011201310
Butcher's Market Stall2011201400
Butler's Bait & Tackle Shop1995200380
Butter Churn & Milk Cans2011201410
By The Sea2007201200
Cabot's Mansion1995200220
Caddington Ball2009201300
Caddington Clock & Watch Co.2009201300
Caddington Toll Bridge2012201510
Can I Buy You A Soda?2013201500
Can'T Wait Till Christmas1999201110
Canadian Flag Pole2003201500
Candlelight Choir Boys2004201030
Candy Cane Copper2008201210
Candy Cane Lane2003200570
Candy Cane Topiary2006200700
Canine Confusion1998200500
Cannery Truck2008201300
Canoe Excursion2009201200
Cap'N Bob1999201220
Cape Anne Lighthouse1998200210
Cape Cottage1999200410
Capt. Jake's Tattoos2009201200
Captain And His First Mate1999200330
Captain Jack's House2003200610
Capturing The Christmas Tree2006201510
Caribou Hotel2012201400
Carmans Gas Station1999200200
Carnegie Stables2011201420
Caroler Man2005201320
Caroler Woman2005201300
Caroling Grandpa2005201530
Caroller Man1999200530
Caroller Woman1999200520
Carollers Quartet1999200500
Carolling Granddaddy1999200550
Carriage And Wagon Dealer1999200320
Carriage House1999200300
Carriage Ride2010201320
Carriage Sled2000201430
Carrying Coal2001200640
Carrying Flour2006201430
Carving A Sign2003200520
Catch A Ride Elf2003201000
Catch Of The Day2001201120
Catch The Train2006201430
Caught From Behind2002200610
Cecil's Cider Mill2000200510
Cedar Cabin2001200510
Cedar Valley Christmas Choir2010201620
Celebrating The Season1999200500
Ceramic Art2011201500
Chains Required2002201100
Chamberlain House1996200210
Chapel By The Sea2005200600
Chapel In The Meadow1995200200
Chapman Residence2010201330
Charitable Santa2002200620
Chateau Orleans2009201100
Checking In2006201230
Cherry Blossom Chinese Restaurant2005201450
Chesterfield Post Office2010201600
Chicken Feeding2013201500
Child At Heart1999200301

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