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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Collection: Sugar n Spice
Year Released Year Retired Right Now on eBay
12 Lighted Gumdrop String200420070
20 Candy Corn Garland200520070
All Lined Up200520072
Arch Of Sweets200420070
Baked Cookie Christmas Tree200420070
Black Crystal Tree Large200520070
Black Crystal Tree Medium200520070
Black Hat Costume Co.200520070
Bobbing For Jelly Beans200520071
Bus Stop200420070
Campfire Cookies20181
Candied Pine Tree Large200420070
Candied Pine Tree Medium200420070
Candied Pine Tree Small200420070
Candy Cane Gazebo200420070
Candy Cane Street Lamp200420071
Candy Carousel200520072
Candy Chapel200420070
Candy Corn Hedge200520071
Candy Corn Lamp Post200520070
Candy Corn Road200520070
Candy Covered Bridge200420070
Candy Phone200420070
Candy Pumpkin Patch200520072
Candymint Gumdrop Fence200420070
Cats And Mice200520071
Cinnamon Cookie Fence200520071
Cinnaswirl Cabin20182
Cocoa And Cookies20191
Cocoa Cups20174
Cookie Exchange20181
Cookie Jar2005200715
Cookie'n Cream Creamery20201
Crumb Cake Cottage200420070
Cupcakes And Candy200420072
Curved Candy Corn Road200520070
Curved Frosted Candy Road200420070
Delightful Dip Chocolate Shop20181
Eclair Bench200420074
Free Ride200420071
Frosted Cake Platform200420070
Frosted Candy Road200420073
Frosted Wafer Wall200420070
Ginger Family Carolers200420076
Ginger Lane School200420070
Ginger Sweet Manor200520070
Ginger Toys200420070
Ginger Wedding Party200620070
Ginger's Ornaments200520072
Ginger's Pie Shop20190
Gingerbread Bus200420070
Gingerbread Cottage200420074
Gingerbread Decoration200420070
Gingerbread Decoration200420071
Gingerbread Express200420071
Gingerbread Manor200420070
Gingerbread Palace200220040
Gingerbread Palace200220072
Gingerbread Skating Pond20180
Gingerwitch Croissant Moon200520071
Glazed Tree200420070
Goblin Bridge2005200713
Granny's Sweets & Baked Goods200420070
Gumdrop Football20180
Gumdrop Street Lamp200420070
Gummies & More Candy Store20191
Headless Gingerman200520070
Headstone Confections200520070
Holly Gumdrop Tree200420070
Home Sweet Home200420074
Hot Chocolate Tub200420070
Jelly Bean Post Office200520070
Jingle Bell Shuffle200420077
Lighted Gumdrop Tree200420070
Making Friends200420070
Molasses Falls Candy Shop200420070
Molasses Manor200520070
Mushroom Goodies200520070
Not-So-Nice Manor200520070
Peppermint Lane Post Office200520070
Pumpkin Pie Carving200520070
Pumpkin Wagon & Benches200520071
Rock Candy Tree Grape200420070
Rock Candy Tree Wintergreen200420070
Santa's Sleighride200420070
Shopping Spree20183
Sledding Snowman200420070
Spice House200420070
Strudel's Bakery200620070
Sugar 'n Spice218
Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Large200420070
Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Medium200420070
Sugar Cookie Trees20201
Sugar Lane Toy Shoppe200420070
Sugar Plum Church200420070
Sugar Shack200520071
Sugarland Station200520071
Sweet Breeze Windmill200420070
Sweet-Tooth Cottage200420070
Sweetheart Wedding Chapel200420070
Tasty Taffy Factory200420070
The Candy Crypt200520071
The Cinnamon's Manor200620070
The Cocoa Cup Cafe200520070
The Dreaded Cookie Ghoul200520070
The Pretzel Cabin200420070
The Toy Chest200420071
Ticket Booth201020079
Toffee Topiary200420073
Toil & Trouble200520070
Triple Scoop Snowman20200
Tubing Day20201
Vanilla Oak Large200420070
Vanilla Oak Medium200420070
Wedding Carriage And Driver200420070
What A Pair200520071
Wishing Well Of Delights200420072
Yummy Yummy! Ferris Wheel200420073

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