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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Collection: Harvest Crossing
Year Released Year Retired Right Now on eBay
3rd Street Five & Dime200820165
79 Cents A Pound200620111
9 in. Apple Tree A201120201
A Country Christmas20234
A Farmer's Life200720111
Al's Gas Station200620132
Albee's Pharmacy200720092
All I Want For Christmas20180
All Saint's Church199420010
All Set?200620110
Apple Pickers200720140
Appleton's Country House199420010
Applewood Acres200620130
Ashford House200520080
Aunt May's Pancake House20230
Avon Carriage Maker19941
B.B.Q. Pit Restaurant200020030
Baker's Mill199720044
Baldcypress Large20140
Baldcypress Tree Medium20140
Barn Dance200020046
Barn House20121
Barn Sale200220062
Bart's Country Produce & Crafts20201
Bedingfield's Landscape & Tree20200
Berryville Bus Depot20180
Best Decorated House201220200
Bijou Theater20100
Bill's Produce Mart200620083
Black Crow Antiques 199319992
Black Tupelo Tree Medium20140
Bluebird Acres 2-Light Cord200720103
Boot Country20210
Bow From Bow-Wow200720131
Buy Local20193
Buzz's Honey Pot200820120
Caldwell Cottage20101
Canterbury Farms Eggnog Factory20164
Carnival Snack Shack200820161
Casey’s General Store20221
Cedar Falls Grist Mill20180
Cedar Valley Winery20120
Chandler's Music Shop200520060
Chatham Inn199520026
Chiariello's Italian Bakery200720096
Chow Time200720153
Christmas At The Farm20172
Christmas Coop20210
Christmas Decorations2018201914
Christmas Surprise20190
Chuck's Farm200620090
Church Bazaar201220150
Clifton's Butcher Shop200720151
Clyde's Trucking Service & Repair20230
Clydesdale Tractor & Farm Equipment20215
Coffee Break200620148
Cornucopia Baskets & Bows20130
Country Barn Gift Shop201411
Country Cottage 199519990
Country Lane Cottage20192
Country Roads Gift Shop200720140
Countryside Veterinary200720083
Crockett Family Home200020050
Daisy's Ceramics Studio201120190
Danny's Donuts & Coffee20230
David's Fort20116
Davis & Sons Farms201120151
Decorating The House201120191
Delivering Milk20172
Derby Square Inn199520013
Draft Bros Home Brewing Supplies20180
Dunton House200120040
Dunton's Feed & Farm Supply200220044
East Moorland Windmill200220199
Elementary School200720080
Elm Tree Inn 1995199910
Elm Valley Church20170
Elmer's Country Grocery Store201320151
Elmer's Tractor201420190
Faith Chapel200820094
Faith Chapel199620020
Fall Camping Trip20223
Fall Residence House201320200
Farm 20211
Farm Fresh Vegetable Trailer20215
Farmers Market199820010
Farmington Creamery20141
Feed For The Horses, Set Of 620015
Feeding Cow & Bull, Set Of 320015
Fill 'Er Up20058
Fine Harvest Winery199920022
Firewood For Sale202212
Firewood For The Hearth20106
Fluffy Friends Pet Salon20190
Forest House199320032
Forest Procession201911
Fresh Garden Goods200320084
Friendly Fields Pet Camp20141
Garage Sale200920121
Garden Grooming20200
General Store & Hardware Co.200620134
Gibson's General Store201220160
Gilbert's Gasoline Station20151
Glad Wags School For Dogs2010201616
Grandma With Jam20035
Grandma's Pie Shop201020163
Greeley & Sons Auto Parts20102
Green Valley Milk20163
Green Valley Wine & Cheese Market20142
Grocery Delivery20184
Gunsmith & Tanner200820120
Hadley House200920140
Haily House199820010
Handy's Furniture & Custom Cabinetry201420150
Happy Hounds Doggie Day Care201020150
Harley's Antiques200720090
Harley's General Merchandise 199319985
Harrison Co. Flea Market200820130
Hartwell House201020160
Harvest Crossing Library200420070
Harvest Crossing Post Office20173
Harvest Gift & Decor20162
Harvest Tavern And Inn201820192
Harvest Valley Windmill20144
Haskell County Sheriff200120040
Hattie's Market20141
Hauling Hay201120131
Hayden's General Store200820122
Hayes Residence20190
He's Going To Be O.K.!200720111
Hereford's Feedlot199620041
Herzog's Hot Dogs20113
Hickory Hills Farm20200
Hillcrest Community Church20190
Holly's Day Care Center201120150
Honey Hill Farm Stand20141
Hudson's Hardware20130
J & G Hardware 199319981
Jack's Cheese Factory199820010
Jay's Woodworking20080
Jenny's Coffee Shop/Ice Cream Parlor200520123
Jerry's Hamburgers200820142
Joe's Burger & Hot Dog Stand200520121
Jones Farmhouse201720200
Junction Hardware & Seed201120161
Just A Peek201120181
Kelly's Corner Grocery20151
Lamplighter Inn20140
Lankford's Blacksmith200420082
Leslie's Flowers & Nursery201020155
Leslie's Pie & Bake Shop200720140
Linden Tree Medium20140
Linden Tree Small20140
Little River Church20040
Lou's Garage201320162
Lubbock's BBQ201520200
Lucky No.7 Mine200120042
Lugging Flour200620110
Lulu's Bakery & Cafe20190
Mama's Cocina200720150
Maple Creek Farms201020160
Maple Hill Farm201420180
Maple Syrup Season20202
Maple Syrup Sled, Set Of 3200011
Marilou's Preserves200320082
McGrath Residence20135
McIntosh Cider Press201220163
McMann's Florist20150
Meadowbrook Stable201220150
Meadowlark Farm20113
Menard Cashway Lumber20055
Mike's Auto Repair & Body Shop200820140
Miller's Barn200220044
Mom’s She Shed20221
Monty's Steak House200920150
Morning Chores20201
Morning Milk20140
Muir Farms Nuts & Dried Fruits20162
Nathaniel's Pharmacy20130
Neighborhood Yard Sale20230
O'connor's Billiards20140
Oak Creek Grist Mill200315
Ok Truck Stop20180
Old Country Store20200
Old Creek Cider Mill20030
Old Town Artisans Gallery And Shop20135
Olde Stone Mill20200
Orchard's Best Pie Shop20200
Our Barn, Our Home20213
Palace Casino200920130
Pam & Bill's Bed And Breakfast20200
Pauline's Pie Shop20141
Paws & Claws Pet Shop200620134
Peterson Ice House & Cold Storage200520106
Phil's Diner200820120
Piggyback Ride200720137
Pine Ridge Church20150
Pine Valley Logging Co.200120048
Pins & Needles20147
Pleasant Valley Community Center20171
Police Station201520202
Posh Pets Salon201320163
Prairie View Junction201020151
Puppy Gets A Swing Ride20213
Quality Woodworks20130
Ranch House200820161
Renegade Roadhouse20214
Rex & Spot's Doggy School20162
Richardson's Market200820120
Ringler's Assaying20140
Riverdale Lumber Yard200820124
Roadside Assistance Headquarter20181
Roadside Produce Stand200720131
Rolling Hills Bed & Breakfast201120143
Ron's Fish And Tackle200120208
Rosa's Family Restaurant20120
Round Top Market200920110
Roy's Diner200720095
Roy's Organics20221
Rustic Washhouse20202
Rustic Wood Fence201420181
S & H Green Stamps Store200720147
Sam's Scooter Shop20200
Samuel's Hardware201020151
Sawyer's Saw Mill200220043
Shoveling The Driveway20222
Shutterbug Photo Shop20170
Slater's Homestead20160
Soccer Season200720120
St. Michael's Church199220010
St. Peter's Church199720010
St. Stephen's Chapel200720101
Stella Creek Winery201120142
Stella's Sewing School20200
Stone Creek Cinema201820200
Street Iron Motorcycles200920142
Sunny Acres Famous Fried Chicken201620190
Sunnyvale Farm201520194
Sunset Valley Cheese Factory201120157

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