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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Collection: General Products
Year Released Year Retired Right Now on eBay
1-1/2" Round Bristle Tree, Set Of 3199100
11" Stand Of Sycamore200160
12 Lighted Star String - Blue201310
12 Sparkling Mini Light String201100
12" Bristle Tree199110
12" Evergreen Tree199900
12" Flexible Hedgerow199820
12" Mountain Pine199900
12" Snowy Cedar200700
12-PC Assorted Fir Trees200720
16" Evergreen Tree199800
18 Super White Mini Light String201210
18" Wired Wooden Fence200860
2-1/2" Bristle Tree, Set Of 4199170
2-PC Curved Track For Christmas Express201300
2-PC Stone Road - Curved201310
2-PC Stone Road - Straight201310
2-PC Straight Track For Christmas Express201300
20-Pc Plaza System2003201730
3-Pc Snow Display Platform200320
36 Chasing Mini Light Set, Clear Color200500
36 Chasing Mini Light Set, Multi Color200510
4" Bristle Tree, Set Of 2199160
4" Evergreen Tree, Set Of 2200440
4" Needle Pine Tree, Set Of 2199420
4" Old English Street Lamp, Set Of 2200370
4" Railway Stop Light, Set Of 2200390
4-Foot Sky Backdrop200320
4.5v 1-output Adapter White Fixed Us Plug201710
4.5v 3-output Adapter White Changeable Plug201710
4.5v 3-output Adapter White Fixed Eu Plug201700
50 Mini Light Set, Clear Color200510
50 Mini Light Set, Multi Color200570
6 in. Glittering Pine201000
6 in. Green Willow201110
6 in. Lighted Christmas Tree201100
6" Bristle Tree199120
6" Evergreen Tree199410
6" Lighted Silhouette Tree, Blue200700
6" Mountain Pine199730
6" Sparkling Green Christmas Tree200050
6" Spruce Tree200210
9 in. Apple Tree B201110
9 in. Glittering Pine2010201700
9 in. Green Willow201110
9 in. Lighted Christmas Tree201100
9 in.Sparkling Winter Tree201000
9" Birch Tree200310
9" Bristle Tree199110
9" Evergreen Tree199400
9" Lighted Ice Glazed Tree, Multi Color200920
9" Lighted Silhouette Tree, Blue200700
9" Mountain Pine199730
9" Sparkling Green Christmas Tree200000
9" Spruce Tree2002201700
A Fine Vintage, Set Of 2201710
A House For Dolly201500
A New Friend201710
A Wassailing201500
Alder Tree201910
Amsterdammertje, Set Of 4201610
Antique Street Lamp, Set Of 4200920
Assorted Birds, Set Of 5200820
Assorted Birds, Set Of 6200830
At The Park200640
Attending Services200710
Balsam Fir Tree, Large201610
Balsam Fir Tree, Small201600
Bathtime Battle201500
Bear Buffet201770
Bell Ornament Lamp Post, Set Of 2201530
Bench Figures201530
Bike Ride, Set Of 3201780
Birds' Friends201620
Black Walnut Tree201660
Blue Fireworks201660
Blue Spruce Tree, Large201620
Blue Spruce Tree, Small201610
Bread Delivery200690
Brick And Pebble Roads, Set Of 22003110
Brick Mat199750
Bright White Fireworks201610
Bringing Presents Home201970
Bus Stop, Set Of 3201520
Butternut Tree, Large201610
Butternut Tree, Small201600
Can I Have Some Too, Set Of 2201710
Candy Hunters, Set Of 2201710
Canine Contrarian201400
Carriage For Two200740
Cascading Icicle Tree201320
Charley's Checkup201500
Chasing Multi Light Spruce Tree, Large201760
Chatting Together201540
Chatting With Old Friends, Set Of 2201710
Chimney Sweep2013151
Chit-Chat Time, Set Of 22012201800
Christmas Bristle Tree2017120
Christmas Doggie Parade, Set Of 52012201860
Christmas Greetings201650
Christmas Parade Marching Band, Set Of 8200911
Christmas Party, Set Of 2201690
Christmas Pooch, Set Of 5201360
Christmas Puppies, Set Of 22012201820
Christmas Shopping Break201920
Christmas Stories201770
Christmas Story Book201550
Christmas Tree20051771
Christmas Tree2019330
Clara's Gift201220
Clear Light Evergreen Tree, Large201720
Clear Light Evergreen Tree, Medium201710
Cold Creek Bridge201290
Colonial Stone Wall, Set Of 101999242
Cone-Shaped & Sculpted Topiaries, Set Of 42003100
Conifer Tree, Large201600
Conifer Tree, Medium201600
Conifer Tree, Small201600
Costumed Canines Set Of 5201490
Countdown Tree Set Of 7201420
Country Road Mailboxes2004100
Cowboy Paperboy201310
Cozy Christmas201650
Cream For Kitty, Set Of 4201720
Cross Country Skiers200710
Crystal Lighted Tree, 3 Color Changeable, Large201900
Crystal Lighted Tree, 3 Color Changeable, Medium201910
Crystal Lighted Tree, 3 Color Changeable, Small201900
Crystal Lighted Tree, 4 Color Changeable & Color Transformation, Xl201900
Dad And Fawns, Set Of 41999130
Decorating The Xmas Tree201410
Deer On The Hoof199940
Delayed Delivery201610
Dickens Statue201420
Doggie Dress Up, Set Of 3201530
Dogs, Anyone201500
Donation Kiosk201500
Donuts With Grandpa201600
Double Seated Bench, Set Of 2201730
E12 12Volt Replacement Bulbs (Clear)200700
Eagles Feeding2003120
Family Football, Set Of 3201720
Farm Wagon200580
Feeding Deer, Set Of 32000100
Festive Family Photo201530
Field Lights2014110
Fine Feathered Friends200370
Fire Hydrant201560
Firehouse Band201940
Firework Soundbox201710
First Christmas, Set Of 11201730
Four LED Light Bulb String201300
Four Led Light String Moonlander201710
Friendly Fido201420
Funnel Cakes Food Truck201920
Gazebo Band201320
Gelato Cart, Set Of 4201330
Glittering Pine, Large201710
Glittering Pine, Medium201710
Goody Wagon Set Of 2201410
Grand Fir Tree201900
Grand Fir Tree, Medium201900
Grandpa's Banjo, Set Of 2201500
Grass Display Mat200250
Green Elm Tree201910
Green Fireworks201620
Holiday Garden Green Bandstand201980
Holiday Shoppers, Set Of 6201050
Home For The Holidays2017110
Iced Oak Tree201010
Igloo Doghouse201930
Just Cloudgazing201700
Large Brick Mat200340
Large Brick Road200370
Large Pebble Mat200350
Large Pebble Road200380
Large Village Mountain Backdrop199830
Learning To Skate200620
Led Bulb Moonlander201700
Led Replacement Bulb2012201700
Lighted Ice Glazed Tree, Blue200910
Lighted Ice Glazed Tree, Clear200920
Lighted Pine Tree Large201420
Lighted Pine Tree Medium201410
Lighted Pine Tree, Multi, Large201500
Lighted Pine Tree, Multi, Medium201500
Lighted Silhouette Tree (Green), 3V200700
Lighted Village Moon200410
Lighted Wrought Iron Fence, Set Of 52005180
Little Stone Steps201320
Lunch Date201920
Mail Delivery Cycle2012199921
Mailbox Teamwork Set Of 3201420
Make Way200700
Marcescent Tree, Large201610
Marcescent Tree, Small201610
Medium Village Display Platform199880
Medium Village Mountain Backdrop199890
Metal Bench2007110
Metal Fire Hydrant, Set Of 3200390
Metal Kiosk200310
Mirror Lake200350
Mister Snowman1999140
Mistletoe Chase2013201320
Modular Plaza-Fountain201620
Mom Lends A Helping Hand201030
Morning Dew Tree, Medium201700
Morning Dew Tree, Small201710
Mother Superior200120

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