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Collection: Caddington Village
Year Released Year Retired Right Now on eBay
12 Days Of Christmas Ornament Shop2006201100
1909 Knickerbocker House200210
2nd Street Post Office201500
4" Colonial Street Lamp, Set Of 4200520
4" Gas Lantern Street Lamp, Set Of 4200650
4" Gas Lantern Street Lamp, Set Of 6200620
4" Gas Lantern Street Lamp, Set Of 8200620
6 AM Christmas Morning201300
A Christmas Carol Play2014120
A Christmas Song2000200630
A Cup & Book Cafe2010201340
A Cut Above Jewelers2017160
A Day In Town201730
A Season Of Giving, Set Of 2201550
A Taste Of Italy2007201830
A Touch Of Provence201500
Alden House201990
All Wrapped Up200540
All Ye Faithful Church201830
Allison House201700
Alpine Musicians Set Of 4201400
Alpine Ski Party, Set Of 4201130
Amy's Bridal Shoppe2002200600
Amy's Pancake House201560
Amy's Sundial Inn201300
Ana's Cakery201400
Anderson Residence2006200800
Andrews Residence201400
Apple Hill Grocery201810
Apple Vendor, Set Of 2201510
Argyle Griffin Pub2013201610
Argyle Hotel201740
Arthur's Manor2004200530
Ashley Inn1997200360
At The Market, Set Of 3200430
Babys First Christmas201840
Ballroom Couple2003200700
Bamford House2006200800
Barrington Fine Tailors201610
Barton's Books2013201600
Bayberry Hill Police2004200710
Bayberry Place201400
Beamans Bakery201800
Belgian Waffle House2010201520
Bell's Gourmet Popcorn Factory2017170
Bella's Bon Bons201900
Bellows And Co. Blacksmith201930
Bells & Whistles2016100
Belmont Bank 1996199820
Benjamins Bakery201810
Bentley Estate2006201020
Bernie's Teddy Bears201270
Big Ben Pub201240
Big River Station2008201000
Bike Ride Date201910
Biking Fun201910
Bird Bath Dog Fountain201950
Birds Nest Cottage2002200620
Birthday Party At The Stanwicks201920
Blakely House2008201400
Blakely School2011201510
Blessed Angels Convent2000200300
Bloomers And Bicycles, Set Of 2201700
Blue Lotus Yoga Pilates201530
Bluebird Inn201730
Bob Cratchit And Tiny Tim2000150
Bob's Barber Shop & The Shoe Shiner2008201400
Bob's Tobacco/Rarebooks 1994199900
Bonnie's Bread Bakery201400
Book Seller2001201420
Book Wagon201900
Boot Drive At The Firehouse201720
Boy's Best Friend201730
Boys v. Girls200760
Bread Bakers201950
Bread Peddler201870
Brew Maid201411
Brewer's Wagon201020
Brewery Wagon2003200830
Bridgette's Gingerbread Bakery201140
Brighton Manor 1996199950
Brock's Toys2007201310
Brookside Chapel201610
Brownstone Cafe201940
Buckleberry Church201710
Butler Residence201520
Caddington Ballet Academy2013201600
Caddington Candies201310
Caddington Fire Brigade2019110
Caddington Post201990
Caddington Village Inn1998200270
Caddington Visitor Center201700
Cadieux Bakery2014201800
Canal Fence Set Of 4201410
Canal Houseboat201400
Candle Dipping Fun2003201150
Candlers Coaching Inn201890
Candy Cane Kitchen199820
Candy Kitchen 1998199900
Carolers Quartet, Set Of 2200520
Carols For Christmas201210
Carolyn's Nursery2006201220
Carrington Cathedral200910
Carrington House2008201200
Carry Bike201650
Cathedral Of The Sacred Heart2007201200
Cedar Creek Church201320
Cedar Creek Inn 1999199910
Cedar Valley Church200610
Center City Police Station200400
Centre Stage Playhouse201210
Century High School201610
Chadwell Chapel2004200500
Chair Repair2003201120
Chan's Chinese Antiques200970
Chapman Toy Shop2012201620
Charlotte's Dressmaking Shop2000200300
Chatsworth Railroad Station2008201550
Cheese Seller201410
Chelsea Pub2004200600
Chelsea's Candy & Flowers2006201010
Chet's Carpentry Shop2000200410
Christmas At The McCleary Estate201500
Christmas At The Pattersons201610
Christmas Baby2001201510
Christmas Ballet2019100
Christmas Band, Set Of 5200660
Christmas Cable Car Set Of 6201400
Christmas Catastrophe201770
Christmas Clock Tower201470
Christmas Eve Manor2007201010
Christmas Eve Party201700
Christmas Eve, Set Of 3200630
Christmas Gift20022006100
Christmas Harmony, Set Of 4200750
Christmas Lane2010201810
Christmas Market Candy Seller201310
Christmas Shoppe 19931999320
Christmas Shopping201440
Christmas Shopping With Mom And Dad201300
Christmas Sock-Hop201240
Christmas Time & Trimmings2012201500
Christmas Wonderland Toy Store201050
Church Potluck Supper201500
Churchill's Bakery & Bistro2011201610
City Sidewalks2007201300
CJ's Piano Bar201640
Claire's Card Shop2008201330
Clark Residence201300
Classic Victorian Fence, Set Of 7201220
Clock Seller Set Of 2201420
Clock Tower201650
Cobbler Jack's2001200920
Coffee Stall2002201440
Coiffures By Daphne & Andrea's Photography2003200500
Come See The Nutcracker201510
Conover Estate2007201330
Continental Chocolates201630
Cookies From Mrs. Claus2015201710
Coopers Hardware201850
Court House200730
Court House200910
Cozy Christmas Eve201850
Cozy Cottage201960
Crafton House 1999199900
Cramwell College2013201520
Crane Residence201930
Crawford Residence2007201000
Creekside Chapel2006201200
Crepes & Croissants Bakery201730
Crosby House1999200410
Cynthia's Bed & Breakfast2008201300
Dads Snowman201820
Daily Evening Press 1993199860
Daily Gazette2008201430
Dainty Cottage Collectables & Antiques201700
Danielle's Decor201940
Daniels House2008201230
Dansford Bakery1999200230
Darla's Dolls201750
Darlington Church201410
Dasher's Advent Stable201330
Dashing Through The Snow20002006200
Davids Deli201840
Davidson Residence201850
Davis Residence201220
Dawson's Upholstery2003200500
Deck The Halls Christmas Shop2011201610
Decorated Victorian Front Yard201210
Decorating The New England Hearth201470
Delivery Bread Cart201960
Devaney's Bakery200360
Dickens Couple201920
Directing Traffic201300
Dirk's Bikes201500
Dog Walking Agency201850
Doll Maker2008201710
Doll's Day Out201500
Downhill Thrills200630
Dr. Baxter Optician Ivan's Apothecary2000200400
Dressing Mr. Snowman200340
East Lake Station2013100
East St. Police Station2008201300
East Street Firehouse2004200630
Eastside Fire Station201140
Ebenezer's Apartments2002200530
Elegant Lady201450
Eli's Cobbler Shoppe201650
Ellen's Flower Shop2007201200
Elsa's Umbrellas201910
Emerson House2010201400

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