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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Collection: Coventry Cove
Year Released Year Retired Right Now on eBay
"Bad Dog!"201200
18-inch Wired Wooden Fence201000
21 Pc Assorted Pine Trees2003240
50 mini light set - clear201000
A gift for the trip201400
A Stitch in time knitting shop201110
After School Hockey Match, set of 10201210
All Aboard!200510
Almost Home Rescue & Adoptions201410
Animal Toy Drive201300
Annual Toy Drive2013201521
Arthur's Fish & Chips201200
Aspen Ridge Ski & Snowboard Shop201300
Back To School2012201400
Ball Street Lamp, set of 2201020
Ballroom Dancers201110
Bell Ornament Lamp, set of 2201500
Bicycle, set of 2201491
Black Bull Tavern200800
Bob's Bait & Tackle Shop201400
Brennan Residence201310
Brew Break201200
Brickle's Corner Market200330
Bristle Tree - Medium201010
Bristle Tree, set of 2, Small201010
Bristle Tree, set of 4, mini201010
Buckleberry Church2015202020
Cactus Jack's Western Steakhouse201200
Capturing the Christmas Tree, set of 2201110
Carl's Barber Shop200530
Charlotte's Flower Shop200300
Children's Performing Arts Academy201230
Chocolate Thief201300
Christmas Cottage201400
Christmas Decorating201510
Christmas Garden Shop200710
Christmas Lane Trailer201300
Christmas Visitors201000
Christmas Wishes, set of 2201320
Church Family, set of 2201300
City Tattoo2015201900
Coffee Cottage201230
Coffee Shop Girl201200
Colleen's Curiosities200220
Costumed Cannies, set of 5201400
Countdown to Christmas, set of 7201330
Coventry Cove Athletic Club200820
Coventry Cove Bikes & Roller Skates200800
Coventry Cove Carriage Dealer200910
Coventry Cove Firehouse201210
Coventry Cove Lighthouse200700
Coventry Cove Rail Road Station200910
Coventry Cove Station201430
Crescent Dance Hall201110
Cupcake Baker201310
Cupcake Cottage201010
Cypress Inn200250
Dinner at the Firehouse201000
Early Christmas Presents, set of 2201000
Elegant Equestrian Carousel201410
Evergreen Tree, Medium2013280
First Time At The Salon200800
Fish and Chips Fan201200
Fishing Memories201400
Fred's Christmas Tree Lot201400
Fresh Baked Pie201500
Frosty's Christmas Tree Lot2010201520
Gas Latterns Street Lamp, set of 4201100
Gear Shopping201310
Genesee Fire Company201000
Glenwood Cottage200220
Gordon's Fish Market200930
Got Treats? Dog Bakery201310
Harris & Sons Fine Antiques201510
Henderson House201000
High Notes, set of 3201500
Holiday Hockey201410
Holiday Open House201510
Holly Grove Gazebo201410
Ice Cream Parlour200700
Jolly Groundskeeper201500
Kate's Cupcake Express201310
Kegler Lanes200810
Lasso Bill201220
Leisure Time201200
Liberty Fire Station200210
Lily's Bed & Breakfast201100
Lotus Rain Yoga Studio201510
Lucy's Frozen Yogurt201420
Lucy's Tea Room200700
Lyon's Photography200800
Maddie's Candy Shop20
Madison Residence201220
Mailbox Decorating201400
Main Line Station200510
Mary's Nursery201420
Mayor's Residence201110
Meeting the Performer201100
Mr and Mrs Moose, set of 3201410
Mr. Brennan201320
Murray Manor200200
Navtivity Scene201300
New Tattoo201500
Oak Grove Winery201510
Officer And Friend2003201640
Old Time Toy Store00
Olde Firehouse Pizza & Brewery201400
Olde Time Toys201010
Orville's Bicycle Shop201410
Parisian Street Lamp, set of 2201400
Parker House200700
Parkside Elementary School200900
Patrick's Olde Tavern200900
Paw Prints Pet Shop201200
Perfect Poinsettias, set of 2201400
Perfect Touch201000
Perlman's Corner Arcade200700
Pet Campers201300
Pet Photos with Santa201300
Picking out the Poinsettia201100
Pie in the Sky Bakery201510
Precious Pet201200
Pub Revelers201300
Puppie's Pal201400
Puppy Treat201000
Railway Stop Light, set of 22015120
Read-a-Story Santa200500
Robin's Toy Store200240
Rosebud Chapel201330
Royal Carousel201100
Royal Opera House200800
Saddle for Sale201110
Santa Lane Trailer201400
Scarlet's Shoe Boutique201200
Shopping Granny201300
Shopping with Gandma, set of 2201000
Small Wonders Toy Shop201310
Snowball Fight!, set of 3201410
Snowy Pine, medium2010101
Sorely's Department Store200710
Spark's Pet Wash Express201510
Sparkling Green Christmas Tree, medium201080
Sports Hardware2015202020
Spot Light - Clear, set of 2201010
St. Mark's Church201010
Star Street Banner, set of 2201410
Stone Hill Chapel200720
Subway Entrance2009201440
Sunday School, set of 4201000
Sweetalicious Candy Shop201540
Tack Shop201110
The Book Worm200910
The Rialto Theater200540
The Tap Room201210
This Way Please200500
Those are lovely!, set of 2201200
Tis The Season Christmas Decorations201000
Town Firehouse No. 3200700
Tuscany Trattoria200510
Underwater Adventures201120
Valley View Church200210
Vandermeire Art Gallery200900
Village Apothecary200810
Village Chimney Sweep200950
Village Cobbler200810
Village Produce Market201010
Wags-N-Whiskers Pet Lodge201550
Walking Rudolph201400
Watson House200900
Weekly Ride201410
Weighing Kitty, set of 2201110
West Bend Station200210
Wildlife Photographer, set of 2201010
Will you take mine, too?, set of 2201100
Williams Farm201010
Windrose Beauty Salon200800
Wintergreen Nursery201100

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