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Collection: Carole Towne Collection
Year Released Year Retired Right Now on eBay
#1 Easy Street200800
#7 Easy Street201000
9-piece Assorted Pine Trees70
A Friendly Card Game200210
Afternoon On Carolina Street200600
Andrew's Music Shop200610
Angel Of The Sea Hotel200600
Assorted Men30
Assorted Women10
Atkinson's B & B201200
Bavarian Ale House200930
Birch Tree90
Breezy Cove Lighthouse200720
Briggs Lighthouse200900
Broadhurst St. Firehouse200830
Cafe Latta200720
Campfire Stories200220
Cape Cod Home200610
Cape Liberty Light House200510
Carole Towne Bus200620
Carole Towne Dairy2002110
Carole Towne Fire Department201300
Carole Towne Gentlemen00
Carole Towne Ladies20
Casey's Point200200
Christmas Ball At The Essex Manor200850
Christmas Carriage110
Christmas Memories200770
Corado's Grocery200821
Crawford's Garage & Gas Station200410
Cruiser Craft200600
Crystal Chapel200420
Dandy’s Candy House200530
Davidson Manor200920
Downing House200700
Eller Christmas Winter Trailer201500
Emery Schooner201000
Emma's Flower Shop200210
Finn's Haberdashery201900
Grainery Barn200320
Hamilton House2005100
Harbor Fire Boat200800
Helping Out Dad10
Holiday Ride50
Holly Hill Dairy Barn200520
Hunter's Haven200360
Janet's Floral Design200810
Jefferson Cheese Factory201100
Katie O'donald's Restaruant200400
Kissing Booth2008201300
Lake Cave Bear Campground201210
Lamplighter 40
Lamprey's Crab Shack200900
Langley House200410
Large Iced Pine10
Little Chapel Of Peace201110
Little Mountain Church200500
Lucy Tug Boat200600
Malvey's Dairy201810
Man On Bike10
Martin's Manor200620
Men Of Carole Towne00
Michael Angelo's Pizzeria200730
Miss Paula's Bbq Shack201700
Moose Lake Lodge200630
Mountain View Restaurant201010
Musky Lounge2001201130
Nick's Toy Shop200230
Normandy Inn200920
Oceanport Yacht Club200810
Orchard Inn200620
Patti's Fudge & Taffy200620
Peckham's Lighthouse201800
People Under Merry Christmas Banner20
Pine Ridge Ice Rink200800
Police Car And Bloodhounds200600
Power Switch Adapter30
Raising The Flag00
Robinson Stables200830
Rocky Reef Lighthouse200640
Royal Spice Palace200530
Sanford's Garage201200
Sherman House200910
Shimmering Spruce Battery Operated10
Skipping Rope10
Snowboarding Scene201500
Somerset Lanes200900
Sotheby & Sons, China & Antiques200430
Tara's Trace House200550
The Bay Lighthouse200020
The Bistro200240
The Blacksmith's Shop200340
The Cigar Shop200110
The Dalton House200120
The General Store200110
The Golf Shop200110
The Mill House200120
The Music Shop200130
The Olde Barn200010
The Parson's Home200010
The Robin200910
The Sandpiper Lighthouse200120
The Seaforth00
The Seagull Lighthouse200100
The Village Hotel200050
The Village Lighthouse2000370
The Village Produce200030
The Village Tailor200240
Victoria Street Station200610
W.t. Casino200910
Weaver House201000
Wedding Day30
Wee People Day Care Center200930
Willie's Shineshack2008201360
Wooden Bridge80
Zoe's Pearl House200420

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